I help online business owners turn new visitors into loyal customers, so they can build a sustainable and trustworthy company.

For you, I write und help you find the right words to build a strong bond with your customers and make more sales. Also, I save you time — I’m a word wizard. Don’t like my style, let’s not be friends then. Friends? I’m here to grow my business, not to hold hands with you. OK! Continue reading.

I’m Alexander. NAII is my content consultancy and fireplace. I could be a dragon but I decided I’m not. Putting mental images inside people’s head makes them move. That’s why writing has been effective throughout the centuries. If you plant the right words, speak in the right tone, don’t screw up the timing, listen to the response, pay attention (with ears and eyes) and speak your readers’ language, they will receive your message with open ears. There is a lot of psychology behind, complicated things. Don’t worry about that. I simply help you deliver the right words to the right person at the right time. In English and German.

The right words resonate with the right people when it is relevant for them. If you do that more often, you create a relation and they will want to hear from you more often. You constantly deliver value and gain their trust in return — over the period of 18 months and more. If you happen to have a product that is aligned with the value you provide, you have a good chance to sell more units.

This is not the end of the story. Let’s continue by working together. Trust me, there’s no dragon waiting for you, only a flood of words that will take your readers and yourself to a warm and fuzzy place where you hang out with them and be their friend.

Let’s be friends. If we speak with the same level of oxygen, let’s become business friends. But friendship first, business after, ok?

Alexander Kluge (NAII)
I also write here.