Building a voice-acting business — Lesson 3: Suffering from distraction

Building a voice-acting business — Lesson 3: Suffering from distraction

Building a voice-acting business — Lesson 3: Suffering from distraction

I’m struggling. It’s been a month since I had started this series and instead of having produced 4 episodes (one episode per week) I had only managed to create 2 episodes.

What happened?

The short answer is distraction disease. I let myself distract by other interests rather than nourishing this one particular topic that I want to show you in this series: Becoming a voice-actor with his own business and how to juggle both the art and business side of it.

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One distraction that occurred was a project I called „Help me find a topic to write about“. I wanted to gather all information from the web and build a form-like assistant that guides you from having no idea what to write about to „I know exactly what to write about, when I will publish my next piece, and the following 4-5 pieces“. To me, this was interesting because I would help a lot of people considering that only through Google there were close to 1 billion search results for „what to write about“. This was clearly a signal for me to make that. In fact, I was inspired by Pieter Levels who creates minimum viable product relatively quickly, so I said I want to do something similar.

In the kick-off phase I actually wrote:

This weekend I want to solve the problem of finding a topic to write about. Sean McCabe [a knowledgable person when it comes to business and art] has talked about this topic in different ways and there are plenty of other articles. What if there’s one place that sums all that up, right? That’s what I thought, too.

So, starting this weekend I will give myself 4 weekends to come up with a product, build and launch it. After, I want to grow and monetize it.

I’m documenting everything on:

The final product you will see on:

Sounds good, right? Exactly, it only sounds like that. So, since I had written this „mission statement“ about 2 weeks ago nothing had happened except for a website where I basically say that the problem has been solved by the aforementioned Sean McCabe who provides lots of teaching materials for writing. And it’s true. I still believe he does. But my project kind of became like a joke now and I let myself distract by something that should not be my focus now.

BUT: There’s one extra information you need to know. Since a while now I have this project „Free Write Camp“ up and it’s basically a DokuWiki installation now with lots of bla bla and some good ideas or concepts here there. With the project I mentioned before (helping people to find a topic to write about) I wanted to create indirect attention to Free Write Camp. So, there’s this longing of making Free Write Camp a platform where people receive free-of-charge education for writing. This would be purely donation-based but a for-a-profit business. However, this is all theory.

And that’s the next problem: By nature, I’m a thinker, theorist, and philosopher. Yes, I also do and execute when I have a clear objective, for example when a client has a job for me. But when it comes to my own projects I fantasize and dream and do those „what if“ statements all the time, avoiding the hard road of entering a topic and going through the pain. I’m not sure why I’m doing it but I think it’s fear of failure (combined with the fear of having wasted time on something with no clear outcome) and also the fear of missing out (#fomo) on different other things I could be doing. But the wisdom is there. Yes, I do know how to not be distracted – in theory (and partly in practice but not consistently). I know: If you try to do many things you’re not doing anything (right).

So, making yourself a plan (meaning a habit/routine to practice the art you want to develop), eliminating the possibility of distraction and still staying calm (not going crazy) on this ride is what you should be doing while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle of eating well, doing sports and having good conversations with people you care about. Regularly, I’m feeling overwhelmed but I’m only overwhelming myself in the head since I’m thinking too much instead of taking action. If you have a similar issue read Eckhart Tolle’s „Power of Now“. It really helped me, and I would like to have it now (but I borrowed it to a friend at the moment).

So, I know all the solutions to my problem but since my natural tendency to think too much slows me down, gives me doubts that I’m doing the right thing and makes me stop it (after I sat there being paralysed like a junkie) I’ve been standing in my own way – and this has always been the case with projects I initiated on my own. I can very well serve others and their dreams but I have a BIG PROBLEM serving my own dreams. I wonder if this has to do with self-confidence (though I always thought of myself being confident about myself). What am I missing here?

(Also, I already have a vision of what I would be able to do (future projects) if I trained my voice and acting skills by sticking to this path. One project is a pop song, another one is an animation film – in both voice and acting would play a big role. So I even have incentives to pursue this path. Just so you know. Anyways.)

This is a very different episode from what I had in mind. I don’t think a segway to a direct lesson to takeaway would be inappropriate so I will leave it like that. Next week, I will have a „real“ lesson instead of a „real-life“ lesson, I promise, or maybe a mixture of both: lesson and real-life. I will see.

Let me know if today’s episode helped you in getting started with something. I would be happy to hear from you.

PS: If you wonder whether I did anything to make progress in terms of voice-acting. Well, actually I did. I finished the beginner’s course at the folks of Gravy For The Brain and attended their seminar on „how to master natural/conversational (n/c) voice over“ which I enjoyed.

Also, I started a self-accountability training plan this week: Since Wednesday, 2 August 2017, I’m filling an accountability grid with red box whenever I have done ideally 1 hour of voice-acting practice on that day (at least 20 minutes). Since that day I have three red boxes and one black box (yesterday I didn’t practice because of a distraction – you see my old problem re-occurs. But yesterday was special because not only was I distracted by the topic of finding the right camera, audio recorder, and tripod for my upcoming trip to Cuba, but I was also not making a final purchasing decision which leads to another issue: I have poor decision-making skills because of not being able to make a decision. Instead, I fly in the air like a neo hippie on clouds. „Wonderful“, but not down-to-earth or practical at all. This makes me actually wonder whether I’m fighting my own nature of being a chilled-out dude with no ambitions, just relaxing and letting things happen as they come.

You see, now I’ve revealed parts of my inner struggles and re-reading this myself I find that I could sound like a mad man, I mean someone who lost his mind. Well, that’s what my inner world looks like. How’s yours?).

This was probably the longest text in a bracket I have ever written. I hope you got something out of it. I’m out trying to align my ambitions with real-world action without getting distracted and without starting and then stopping after a few days already. „I’m a finisher“, at least that’s what I’m auto-suggesting to my self in order to indoctrinate that into my thoughts. Ohmmmmm. Peace!

Apply what you learned on Monday and let me know if and how it helped you!

Next lesson: Sunday, 13 August 2017

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